Stargate SG:1 Unleashed Coming To iOS and Android This March

Stargate SG:1 Unleashed Coming To iOS and Android This March

MGM and Arkalis Interactive is bringing Stargate SG:1 back. FINALLY.

SG:1 was my favorite Stargate adventure. Atlantis was cool but didn’t quite hit it for me. Universe was trash. SG:1 was amazing and to hear that an interactive adventure in the form of episodic downloads is coming out makes me excited.

The announcement comes with a trailer where we see glimpses of the cast: O’Neil (looking way too serious for his sarcastic attitude), Carter (looking worried), Teal’c (looking badass), and Jackson (looking tortured and bloodied). We also see the Goa’uld attempting to once again cause havoc with their past and the Stargates. Of course our heroes attempt to stop them but this time looks like things went bad.

Not much else was said about the upcoming mobile adventure but it will begin this March with episode 1.

Check below for the announcement trailer and get ready to revel in that awesome theme song again.

Courtesy of IGN due to the developer being a bit slow on uploading their own trailer:




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I can't believe that it's an android and ios game! the graphics are sure to kill the consoles out there!