Sony President Yoshida Says Retail is Still a Key Despite Rise in Digital

Sony President Yoshida Says Retail is Still a Key Despite Rise in Digital

The ever looming fear brought on a month or two ago by retailer GameStop about used games not being able to be played on the PS4 and the X-Box 720 in physical disk form without a special code can be put to rest.  Despite the fact that Sony recently purchased the Gaikai cloud service does not shoot down the retail market altogether.  In an article on , Sony’s President Shuhei Yoshida responded to a question asked by GamesIndustry International regarding the digital market overtaking retail.  Yoshida replied,

“We believe retail will stay play a key role to get games in front of people.”

Yoshida, however, maintained that Sony has recently seen a huge rise every month in digital sales more so on the Vita than the PS3 because most of its content is acquired digitally.  He also pointed out that, in addition to the normal goal of a retailer to educate the gamer about the software, they are striving to raise sales of digital as well, therefore making a balance between the two.  Many people fear that this could be the last generation of consoles due to the rise in gaming on phones, tablets, and other handheld dedicated devices.  Addressing the issue Yoshida remarked,

“…they don’t want to spend extra money on hardware or spend money to buy games.  For those people it’s going to be very hard to convince them but there are many others willing to spend to get a great experience.”

In one remark Yoshida made, he pointed out that it’s not all mainly about how many consoles are sold, but rather the experience that is provided to the consumer.  Yoshida said the key is to provide something awesome and fantastic enough that draws people in and makes them want to buy it–it all goes back to supply and demand.  Currently one of Sony’s focuses is to get PS4 game play working remotely with the Vita so the experience can even further defined than before and more personable.  Yoshida is asking developers to work hard to make games that allow full integration with what the PS4 and Vita so that hardware, software, and services run as one dedicated whole.

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