Retro City Goes On a Rampage Outselling on PSN

Retro City Goes On a Rampage Outselling on PSN

Retro City Rampage, the 8-bit nod to Grand Theft Auto, games like Mega Man and the Legend of Zelda, and movies like Back to the Future, has gone on a rampage outselling more downloads on PSN  than on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade combined.  The game has been out since October on PC, PS3, Vita, arrived in January to XBLA, and will arrive tomorrow 2/28/13 as WiiWare.

According to an article from Joystiq, the game’s creator Brian Provinciano prefers the Vita version, despite the PSN version outselling it.  Provinciano said he feels that indie games should definitely make a jump onto the Vita and that it was the easiest to develop for.  The XBLA version was a different story however, according to Provinciano who said:

“Getting on XBLA required two rounds of pitching, paperwork, and negotiation, each time taking more than six months.  It’s absurd.  They don’t make it easy.  It cost more to do the XBLA version than all other SKU’s combined.  Made more on all other platforms.  XBLA: ‘a learning experience.”

The game was made available as part of the Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection, which is a service where players can pay a membership fee to play classic Playstation games such as Saint’s Row 2, Little Big Planet 2, Virtua Fighter 5, and others.  Provinciano said that Sony has done a great job advertising Retro City Rampage for the Vita, and has given Vita owners another reason to get excited for more.  Leviathyn’s own Ron H. shares Provinciano’s view of the Vita version here in Retro City Rampage is Best Played on the Vita.

Once Retro City Rampage hits the Wii shop channel as new Wiiware, then even more units sold can be tabulated to see if PSN is still king.


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