NeoWiz Confirms Cancellation of Rockman Online

NeoWiz Confirms Cancellation of Rockman Online

Another Mega Man game cancellation? Try to hold in your fake shocked face, while I try to make this not sound sarcastic. While there have been rumors about Rockman Online being cancelled during last year, today NeoWiz has confirmed it. According to Korean game website ruliweb (and my good friend Google Translate), they have talked with NeoWiz and confirmed the cancellation of Rockman Online after talks with Capcom in November of 2012. Okay, now you can act shocked. While I still try to not sound sarcastic.

While the cancellation may not come as a shock, considering it’s Mega Man and Capcom seems to hate him just a little, we cannot completely blame them. According to The Mega Man Network, NeoWiz had been restructuring its company, reducing its workforce in the PC games area which dropped from 300 to 50 people. Along with this, the company also stated they were going to focus more on the mobile market. I guess this was foreshadowing the demise of the game. At least NeoWiz has officially stated the cancellation instead of keeping it in the dark for any longer. Who could have seen this coming?! Okay, I couldn’t hide the sarcasm any longer. CAPCOM HATES MEGA MAN. There, I said it.

What could have been…

For those who haven’t heard of the cancelled game,¬†Rockman Online was a 2D side-scrolling MMO being developed in Korea, that had been in the talks for quite some time before its cancellation. The game was supposed to be a crossover RPG taking elements from both the Mega Man and X series, allowing the player to customize their character and interact with others. It sounded pretty awesome to me… but then again, so did Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. I just hope that Capcom can get with the program and start releasing some other Blue Bomber games before I explode.

Here’s a glimpse at what the rest of the world will never know. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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