No single-player in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

No single-player in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Developers Popcap have announced their upcoming title Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare will be strictly multiplayer.

The game’s creative director Justin Wiebe revealed in an interview by ShackNews the game won’t include a single-player campaign, but will have up to four player co-op and up to 24 players in competitive multiplayer.

Mr Wiebe also announced the price of their title on Xbox One at $39.99 for both retail and digital. The Xbox One version will include a Boss Mode add-on which allows players to take on the role of Dr. Zomboss or Crazy Dave.


Mr Wiebe said they’re  ‘taking a cue’ from Plants vs Zombies 2′ and aim to develop additional content outside of the game’s initial launch.

“We definitely want to build on the game once it’s launched,” Mr Wiebe said.

“Using DLC and new content updates, we want to keep players engaged in the long haul.”

It wasn’t revealed whether or not the DLC will be free or paid.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions will nab a discounted $29.99 price tag as it won’t include the exclusive Xbox One content.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare will be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in 2014.

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