Nintendo Addresses Pokémon X and Y Bug

Nintendo Addresses Pokémon X and Y Bug

I had heard rumors about a game-breaking bug in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.  Gamers had flooded forums to report news on a glitch that was corrupting save files and rendering them permanently frozen.  The bug occurs when players save in the outdoor areas of Lumiose City.

Everyone was waiting for word from Nintendo and today the company responded on their official Japanese site.  Nintendo has confirmed that the Lumiose bug is real and that they are working to fix it.  According to the company not only will  the fix prevent the bug from occurring but it will also repair all the files that were corrupted.  If this is true that could mean that players who were affected might not lose any progress once they apply the fix.

As a means to prevent the bug from affecting any other players, Nintendo’s Japanese page has also posted a picture of where in Lumiose City the bug will occur if you save.



Please note that Nintendo also advised players to save inside buildings until the fix is officially released.

(Source: Nintendo Japan)

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