The Wolf Among Us coming to PS Vita and iOS

The Wolf Among Us coming to PS Vita and iOS

The Wolf Among Us will hit the smaller screens this fall as developer’s Telltale Games announce their title will arrive on PS Vita and iOS devices.

The studio who brought us 2012′s Game of the Year The Walking Dead has followed up their title with DC’s comic book adaption of the Fables series by Bill Willingham.


He’s trying so hard to ignore his bad breath

The Wolf Among Us puts players in the boots of Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown. Mythological creatures exist in this world and it’s Bigby’s s job to hide them.

The Wolf Among Us season premiere episode ‘Faith’ and the season pass including access to episodes 2-5 are now available on Xbox, PC and Playstation 3. Pump yourself up for the rest of the season with this accolades trailer below:

You can check out Leviathyn’s review of Episode one: Faith here.

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