Killer Instinct Patch Rotates Free Character, Fixes Bugs

Killer Instinct Patch Rotates Free Character, Fixes Bugs

If you have been playing Killer Instinct for free, but got tired of Jago, Double Helix Games has just the thing for you.

Similar to popular MOBA League of Legends, Killer Instinct has initiated a rotating model for their free character.  Althoug Jago has been freely available since launch, yestrerday’s patch replaced him with Sabrewulf, moving Jago behind the paywall.  This is a smart move, as it allows people to get a glimpse of certain characters before they buy them.  It has certainly worked well for League of Legends, and it’s nice to see Double Helix taking cues from something that works.

A new freebie isn’t the only change the patch brought, as Double Helix made a number of bug fixes.  You can read the full list on their forum, but some of the biggies include the fifth character color unlocking properly and a Kinect-related save data glitch.

It’s nice to see a free-to-play title receive this level of commited support.  Hopefully Double Helix keeps it up.  Might I suggest Glacius as the next free character?

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