Frictional Games’ SOMA Gets New Trailer

Frictional Games’ SOMA Gets New Trailer

SOMA, Frictional Games follow-up to their hit game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, received a appropriately scary trailer today, along with some exciting new info about the upcoming horror title.

Unlike the oppressive Victorian-era environments in AmnesiaSOMA takes place in a decidedly more open area, the ocean. Creative director Thomas Grip explains why they think the ocean will make a great setting for a horror game:

“Most of the ocean is devoid of sunlight and inhospitable to us. The differences in pressure between the surface and even a modest depth of 100 meters is enough to turn a human into mush. That pressure, that depth, is nothing compared to the true ocean deeps. And as if this isn’t enough, the creatures living there seem like they’re from another world. Gigantic squid, luminescent fish and creatures that are all mouths and teeth are only the start. If you dive down any distance you enter into a realm of monsters.”

Like Amnesia, protagonist Simon is defenseless against the horrors of the deep, and must instead rely on stealth and his wits to get him through the harrowing journey. Frictional seems to be putting a heavier emphasis on active storytelling, as Simon appears to be in the moment with us, as opposed to recounting the tale. With the new underwater setting and gorgeous visuals, obvious comparisons to BioShock can be made, but something tells me this could be even more frightening than a trip to Rapture.

You can check out the trailer below. SOMA is currently slated for PS4 sometime in 2015.


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