Leviathyn Writer’s Top 10 Games Of The Year

Leviathyn Writer’s Top 10 Games Of The Year

Well, 2012 is officially over, and it is time to look forward to all the great games coming out this year.  However, we here at Leviathyn would like to take a look back, and share some of our personal games of this last year.  2012 saw many changes in the gaming industry:  new players are emerging in the console landscape, mobile gaming saw a giant leap and numerous high-profile departures plagued many developers.  Despite all that, some truly incredible titles were released.  Here are some of ours.  Have a personal list you would like to share?  Leave it in the comment section below!

Rachael Massie

10. Gravity Rush
9. Far Cry 3
8. Halo 4
7. Borderlands 2
6. The Walking Dead
5. Dishonored
4. Journey
3. Mass Effect 3
2. Mark of the Ninja
1. Persona 4 Golden

Cassidee Moser

10. Black Ops II
9. Dishonored
8. PlayStation All Stars
7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
6. Mass Effect 3
5. Borderlands 2
4. To The Moon
3. Journey
2. Sleeping Dogs
1. The Walking Dead

Jason Kwon

10. Diablo II
9. Dust: An Elysian Tale
8.  Spec Ops: The Line
7.  Assassin’s Creed III|
6.  Mass Effect 3
5.  Persona 4 Arena
4.  Fez
3.  Forza Horizon
2.  The Walking Dead
1.  Journey

Blake Anglin

10.  Fez
9.  Resident Evil 6
8. Darksiders II
7.  The Witcher 2:  Enhanced Edition
6.  Halo 4
5.  XCOM: Enemy Unknown
4.  Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
3.  The Walking Dead
2.  Mass Effect 3
1.  Borderlands 2

Ron Hoffecker

10. Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy
9. Resident Evil 6
8. Gravity Rush
7. The Secret World
6. Resident Evil: Revelations
5. Diablo 3
4. The Walking Dead
3. Sleeping Dogs
2. Mass Effect 3
1. Persona 4 Golden



A frequent Top 10 list writer and uber SNES fan, Blake can still to this day be found playing Final Fantasy VI on occasion, even though it is probably bad for his health at this point (we’re not sure he knows there are actually other games out there). When not writing, editing or gaming, Blake enjoys bothering people with his guitar, drinking more than is safe and talking about this totally crazy weather. Blake is also very involved in the Game Informer community, has a sick Minecraft world he would love to show you.

Excellent choices. I haven't played Fez yet, but that'll probably change.