5 Features The Next Xbox Must Have

5 Features The Next Xbox Must Have

Let’s be honest:  Whether you are a dedicated Nintendo owner or diehard Xbox fanatic, it’s hard to deny the reveal of the PS4 was pretty darn impressive.  However you look at it, Microsoft clearly has their work cut out for them if they want to stay competitive in this console war.  Although Sony did a great job unveiling their next system, there are still a few areas that Microsoft can take advantage of.  Here are five features the next Xbox should have.

Digital Content Importation

This is key, simply because it’s another area that PlayStation 4 didn’t deliver on.  None of the digital content on PS3 will be transferred to the new console.  Imagine what a boon it would be to be able to play all those games, movies and songs you have on your Xbox now next generation as well.  One could argue that the future will bring even better games, but some of my favorite replayable games like Trials Evolution, Geometry Wars 2 and Minecraft would still be great to keep.

I worked too hard for this!

Backwards Compatibility

It was recently announced that the PlayStation 4 will not have backwards compatibility.  Ergo, the next Xbox must have it.  One of the major factors in deciding which console to purchase next, especially for wavering Xbox fans, is how it handles the backlog of stuff you have already paid for.  If I learn I can keep all my game saves, games and profile data on the next Xbox, it would mean a lot to me.  At this point, it might actually be the most important piece of the puzzle for current Xbox owners who are considering switching.  Like me.

Give The Developrs More Power

PlayStation 4 absolutely knocked it out of the park in regards to delivering news for gamers, and that started with their willingness to ingratiate themselves to the really important people: game developers.  You can tell Sony is putting a real focus on delivering quality games, which is a must for whoever wants to win the next console war.  Microsoft is going to have to step it up, particularly on the Indie Game front.  I like the idea of Microsoft’s Indie section, but the implementation is awful.  Lightening up the restrictions of XBLA publishing wouldn’t hurt either.

Move Beyond Halo & Gears

Seriously Microsoft, these aren’t going to cut it anymore.  Not to be pessimistic, but you need a new rocking game, hopefully one with stellar online play, made by a marquee developer.  You don’t have Bungie anymore (the PlayStation 4 conference really sunk that in) or Cliffy B, so you better do something.  Sony has had a stranglehold on awesome exclusives lately, and if Microsoft doesn’t act fast, that gap is only going to widen.

Not to name any names or anything.


Offer An Xbox Gold Plus Program

Seriously, because PlayStation Plus is awesome.  While the suckers playing Xbox are paying for standard deathmatches, PlayStation owners get the comfort of experiencing said deathmatches free of charge.  Of course, they also have the option of paying for a service that gives them numerous free games and a boatload of extra content if they choose to do so.  Microsoft should follow suit.  Right now, the only real incentive for paying for Xbox Gold is because you have to.  That may not be a huge problem when Xbox Live was the undisputed king of online play, but that crown may be in jeopardy soon.  Xbox cannot let that happen.

Got any ideas about how Microsoft can gain some ground?  Drop a comment.  And if you’ve got time, check out how the PS4 is making a strong case for itself with its own exclusive content, the Top 10 Masterminds in all of gaming or Where Mario Should Head Next.

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