anydooR Inc. Launches Conyac for Business Translation Service, Offers Free Credits to Early Registrants

anydooR Inc. Launches Conyac for Business Translation Service, Offers Free Credits to Early Registrants

February 12, 2013, Tokyo – Japanese startup company anydooR Inc. released a new version of its translation service Conyac called “Conyac for Business,” offering fast, accurate, and affordable crowdsourced translation services to small and medium businesses faced with the challenge of international communication.

Conyac for Business uses the same mechanics of the original Conyac where a user pastes text into a website and pays the translation service through prepaid credit. The translation task is sent to a network of translation professionals around the world who are instantly notified of pending jobs, minimizing wait time to just a few minutes. Users receive email notification of the completed translation as well as the translated text.

Aside from leveraging Conyac’s network of crowdsourced translation experts around the world to deliver a social translation service, Conyac for Business is also improved for enterprise use through a more user-friendly user interface, direct text insertion, file uploading, and extended character limits of up to 50,000 characters. It circumvents the slow processing time and typically high cost of local translation services and the inaccuracy of free machine translation on the web. The service is priced at four different plans to suit the business needs of clients and their international communications requirements.

To celebrate the release, anydooR Inc. will be giving away 10,000 free prepaid credits to the first 50 registrants for the new service by emailing their request (with company name and username) for registration to [email protected]

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