The Overwrite – Contra (NES)

The Overwrite – Contra (NES)

Aaron, Hor-Hay, and Stevie play Contra for the NES one more time, in an attempt to dispel the idea that Aaron is a total Contra-douche. They fail miserably.

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Aaron Randolph () has been posting videos to Leviathyn for a year now, and he's pretty sure they've simply forgotten to fire him. Pantsless Shorts is his gaming entertainment video production group consisting of himself and the people he's blackmailed into helping him. When he's not making videos, he likes to occasionally write articles that so far have not gotten him blacklisted by any major company or group, but damn it, he'll keep trying. Five favorite games in no particular order: Chrono Trigger, The Pandora Directive, Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil 2